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Are you unemployed, underemployed, or looking for your next immediate job?


Then this is the option for you! Rainbow Workforce provides free employment support services to the communities that we serve. Here are the following services that Rainbow offers:

  • Resume Creation and/or Review
  • Cover Letter Creation and or Review
  • Workplace Skill Set Identification
  • Digital Skill Set Identification (optional)
  • Application Process Guidance Provide 3-5 Employment Connections to Available Jobs

Looking for your next steps in life? Wanting a career instead of a job?


Rainbow Workforce provides residents, free of charge, professional level employment certifications, which lead to employment opportunities through a number of companies such as Google, IBM, Amazon, etc.


The goal is to identify for a resident’s skills sets, select a career pathway that fits each persons’ interests and abilities, and work to achieve a professional certification in that industry. Rainbow will assist with employment support, resume updates, and additional trainings to secure a valuable career.